French Bulldog – Smart and Playful

french-bulldogFrench Bulldog, likewise called Frenchie, is a little, minimal, well-ripped hound with an expansive and square head. The breed has expansive, upstanding ears that are adjusted at the tips and the nose is dark, yet can be lighter in lighter mutts. The face is more wonderful than that of different breeds and the wrinkling isn’t so substantial.

The Frenchie has round and dull eyes separate wide. The chest is profound and wide with the front of the breed being more extensive than the back end, making a pear shape. The coat shades of the French bulldog are grovel, spot, white just as streak and white.

History of the breed

The French Bulldog can claim part of its ancestry in England. French lace makers kept them in England in the 1800s. The English people had not accepted the smaller type of Bulldog that the French kept in their country. The French lace makers, threatened by the industrial revolution, left for France in the 1860s, taking their dogs with them. There, they started to breed specific personalities in these bulldogs to distinguish them from the English Bulldogs.

french-bulldogAs the breed became popular, the French renamed them after their own country. The breed has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. From 2009 to late 2015 the registrations for this breed increased 10 fold.

Personality and Temperament

In spite of her morose look, the French Bulldog is happy, engaging and tender. Frenchie pups are especially playful, and pursuing balls is one of their interests. Grown-ups are increasingly recognized, yet in addition, love to play around. Most French Bulldogs are agreeable with everyone, while some are respectfully saved. While this breed has an obstinate nature, she reacts well to ahead of schedule, tolerant, steady preparing.

Try not to endure or remunerate any sort of undesirable practices. Most French Bulldogs can’t swim so pool proprietors need to watch out for their canines. Remember that on the off chance that you are intending to go on a shoreline excursion, your little companion may understand left.

French Bulldog Exercise Needs

Each canine breed needs some activity and the Frenchie isn’t a special case. The Frenchies should get kept dynamic constantly and gone for on a day by day stroll. The French Bulldogs are level nosed thus they shouldn’t get practiced in hot temperatures as they may have issues controlling their body temperature.

French-Bulldog-Exercise-NeedsSweltering and muggy climate mean something bad for all canines, yet for Frenchies, it might be hazardous. On the off chance that you figure it might be excessively hot outside for a walk, it is encouraged to do it during the early and later hours of the day. A few vets prompt that you shouldn’t walk your Frenchie to temperatures more than 70 degrees in Fahrenheit.

French Bulldog Suitability as a Family Pet

Families that need a cherishing canine go to Frenchie. The breed’s energy, fondness, and ability to satisfy everybody have turned into a quick most loved among youthful families with little youngsters at home. They are useful for little youngsters. They can grow up with them and become extraordinary family pets.


French Bulldogs love short strolls and long periods of hesitating on the couch. They will likewise invest a ton of energy inside running and play with their proprietors on the floor. They scarcely bark for reasons unknown, yet they will caution their lord when somebody is at the entryway and will make a special effort to shield their family.

French Bulldog Known Health Issues

Like all canine breeds, Frenchies have medical problems. These medical problems are, be that as it may, far lesser contrasted with their precursors, the English Bulldogs. With the short nose, all Bulldogs have breathing issues when contrasted with since quite a while ago nosed breeds. Subsequently, they have issues with extraordinary climate and extended lengths of activity.

French-Bulldog-Known-Health-IssuesLike most canines, this breed may have an issue known as Hip Dysplasia, a typical condition that happens when the femur doesn’t fit well into the hip joint. Another worry is that female Frenchies convey young doggies through C-area, because of the little dogs’ huge heads.


There you have it! Everything you needed to know about the French Bulldog. The breed is sociable and friendly that it relates very well to humans and other animals. Be aware of your dog’s health issues as this is the key to her happy life. If you do this for your little friend, she will be an obedient and protective companion for years.


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